The importance of training

Tocal College aims to increase the skills and capacity of the agricultural workforce, through attracting and training new entrants to agriculture, as well as improving the skills and safety of the existing workforce. The CB Alexander campus at Paterson hosts our full-time youth education programs, but we’re also taking training all over NSW from our other locations: Yanco Campus, Tamworth, and the Central Coast. We also have a range of accredited and non-accredited courses online so that people can study at their own pace to gain qualifications or just learn valuable new skills like managing work health and safety on the farm, soil management, or keeping bees free of pests and diseases.

Training partnerships

Tocal College partners with industry and government groups to deliver training on demand. We currently partner with Dairy Australia, Animal Health Australia, Plant Health Australia, Cotton Australia, the GRDC and more, to deliver relevant training where it is needed.


AgSkilled is a vocational training program for the cotton, grains, rice, horticulture and viticulture industries, funded by the NSW Government with industry partners.

AgSkilled seeks to upskill NSW’s cropping and horticulture industries to manage the challenges of the future by providing relevant training in production, technology, business and safety skills.

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Traineeships are a great way to get young people started on a career in agriculture. Those employed in dairy, beekeeping and other primary industries can study part time and earn a nationally-recognised qualification.

Training on campus complements experience gained on the job. It’s a flexible way to learn that benefits both trainees and employers, and there are even financial incentives available to assist with the costs.


The Aboriginal Rural Training Program (ARTP)

The Aboriginal Rural Training Program (ARTP) has delivered training to Indigenous people in NSW and other states since 1989.

The training offered includes forklift licences, chainsaws and felling trees, First Aid, WHS, and industry specific skills in Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management and Viticulture such as tractor driving, tree planting, machinery maintenance, irrigation and pruning. Training can be run on-site, in communities, on rural properties, and/or at the Yanco Campus.

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Skills training

Tocal Skills Training, is the training program developed by NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) to meet the needs of farmers, primary industries, agribusiness and the community.

Courses are delivered locally by highly skilled and respected Department of Primary Industries staff. Many of the courses are subsidised to reflect the public benefits provided by the adoption of safer or more sustainable farming practices.

Featured training

Online courses

Tocal College offers a convenient and flexible way to study through its online and blended programs, including a range of agricultural and environmental subjects.


Tocal College has published close to 100 books on all aspects of agriculture and land management. Our books are high quality, accurate and reliable references on topics such as livestock, pastures, irrigation, weed management, natural resource management, beekeeping, machinery, farming skills and farm management. They are easy to read with useful illustrations and photographs for a practical understanding of the subject matter.


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