All across the world, people are realising the role bees play in getting food onto our tables. Australia is the 4th biggest exporter of honey in the world, and a growing fascination with bees among the wider community has made beekeeping an increasingly popular hobby.

Tocal has industry-standard publications for beekeepers, and industry-led practical training to take that knowledge into the field.

Tocal College trainers are passionate about helping beekeepers at all levels to grow in their knowledge of bees and improve their beekeeping practice for healthier bees and better quality honey and hive products. From checking your hives for pests and diseases, to re-queening your hives for beneficial behaviours, learn the skills you need from experienced trainers with years in the industry.

Getting started

If you are new to beekeeping, start with our book Bee AgSkills, or do a 2-day Beginning in Bees course to get helpful hands-on training. To register your interest for a position in the Full Certificate III in Beekeeping, please view the Beekeeping certificate III page here.

2021 Tocal Beekeeper's Field Day Livestreaming 16th October

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The 2021 event will be held on 16th October, streaming online on our YouTube page from 9am. More information will be added to our website here, or follow the Facebook page

Catch the 2020 Tocal Beekeepers' Field Day videos

The Tocal Beekeepers’ Field Day was an entirely virtual event held on Saturday 17th October 2020 streamed through Facebook and YouTube. The Tocal Beekeepers' Field Day has been running for 41 years. It is run in collaboration between the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Tocal College, Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW, Hunter Valley Amateur Beekeepers Association, Hunter Valley Branch of the NSW Apiarists Association and Wheen Bee Foundation. You can now view all recordings from the day on the Tocal College YouTube Channel.


Tocal College offers nationally accredited beekeeping courses developed and delivered by technical experts in the field of apiculture. Tocal has been offering the Certificate III in beekeeping since 2016 to both newcomers to beekeeping as well as full-time professional beekeepers.

Short courses

Accredited qualifications

Units: 18

AHC31818 Certificate III in Beekeeping

Bee recognised for your skills with a nationally-recognised qualification. Tocal’s Certificate III in Beekeeping will raise your skill levels in a crucial area of Australian agriculture.

Traineeship AHC31818 Certificate III in Beekeeping

Gain a nationally accredited qualification in beekeeping while you work in the Beekeeping Industry. A blend of face-to-face and online learning, Tocal's Beekeeping Traineeship is the qualification to get you recognised.


Quality books for beekeepers are available in print and digital format.

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