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Beekeepers are very busy people. In addition to normal hive management, you now must deal with extra surveillance activities because of the Varroa mite incursion, and the threat of other pests and disease. These legislative and bureaucratic demands can be overwhelming; however, Tocal College has produced a simple way to fulfil these obligations. The answer is the Beekeeping Record Book. Moreover, keeping these completed entries for five years covers your requirements under the Biosecurity Act 2016.

This easy-to-use book is set up so that you can record exactly what is required by legislation in the spaces on 8 sets of pages.

The record templates cover

  • Apiary record
  • Hive / Apiary / Load movement
  • Inspection for pest and disease
  • Monitoring for mites
  • Varroa mite sampling and treatment plan
  • Varroa mite treatment actions
  • Details of management actions
  • Details of introduction of bees and used equipment
  • Honey sampling for American Foulbrood
  • Training records

It also includes a brief guide to identifying the pests that you need to note.


10 sets of blank record sheets

Training record

Field guide for pests and diseases of honey bees


Title          Beekeeping record book       
Pages          142         
ISBN          978-1-76058-759-8         
Catalogue number          B997         
Year published          2024         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $22AUD (inc GST)

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