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Digital publications list

This is an up-to-date guide to which books are currently available on the iBooks and Google Play platforms.

PublicationiBooksGoogle Play
30 Years of the Aboriginal Rural Training Program (download PDF)  
Aboriginal land use at Tocal iBookstore  
Alpaca AgSkills ibookstore google play
An introduction to Tocal farms ibookstore  
Australian agricultural terms glossary ibookstore  
Australian native bee - AgGuide (multi-touch)iBooks Storebuy book on google play
Bee AgSkills  googleplay
Bee AgSkills (multi-touch) ibookstore  
Beef AgSkills ibookstore Buy on google play
Blueberry plant protection guide 2015-16 iBookstoreGooglePlay
Building the poultry penthouse ibookstore Google Plau
Commercial greenhouse cucumber production: 2010 ed ibookstore googleplay
Confined Spaces AgSkills iBooks storeGooglePlay store
Cropping systems for sustainable wheat production ibookstore Google play store
Dairy AgSkills ibookstore Google Play
Dairy Goats NEW!ibookstoreGoogle Play
Daring to dream 2 ibookstore  
Dryland salinity the farmers guide ibookstore  
Electric Fencing - AgGuide ibookstore googleplay
Farm AgSkills ibookstore googleplay
Farm Water - AgGuide ibookstore Google Play
Farming Alpacas - AgGuideBuy from google play
Fencing - AgGuide ibookstore googleplay
Fertiliser essentials - AgGuide ibookstore google play button
Field guide to four-wheel driving iBook storeGooglePlay
Getting started in beef - AgGuide ibookstore google play button
Getting started in free range poultry - AgGuide ibookstore googleplay
Getting started in private native forestry - AgGuide ibookstore  
Glossary of Australian Agricultural Terms FREEiBook store 
Goat AgSkills ibookstore google play
Grasses of Coastal NSW (multi-touch) ibookstore  
Grasses of the NSW Slopes and adjacent plains (multi-touch)iBooks store 
Grasses of the NSW Tablelands (multi-touch) ibookstore  
A guide to the common fungi of coastal New South Wales (multi-touch)ibook store 
A guide to pasture species in NSW - AgGuide  iBook storeGoogle Play
Guide to Tocal ibookstore googleplay
Healthy bees - AgGuide ibookstore googleplay
Healthy bees - AgGuide (multi-touch book) ibookstore  
Healthy bees: Testing for hygienic behaviour (multi-touch book) FREEibookstore  
Honey: Harvesting and extraction - AgGuide  google play
Honey: Harvesting and extraction - AgGuide (multi-touch) buy from ibooks 
Horse AgSkills ibookstore googleplay
How to write a business plan and review farm performance - AgGuide ibookstore GooglePlay
Humic products FREE ibookstore googleplay
Irrigation: System and pump selection ibookstore googleplay
Irrigation: Measuring and monitoring ibookstoreGooglePlay
Irrigation: Scheduling iBook StoreGoogle Play
Irrigation: Centre pivot and lateral move iBook storegoogle play store
Keep it clean ibookstore googleplay
Legumes and herbs of coastal NSW ibookstore  
Living and working in rural areas ibookstore  
Machinery hygiene - AgGuide  iBooks storeGooglePlay
Maitland on the Hunter ibookstore  
Managing climate risk on your farm - AgGuide iBook storeGooglePlay store
Managing and marketing beef - AgGuide ibookstore Google Play
Managing for healthy soils - AgGuide iBook StoreGoogle Play store
Managing for healthy soils (multi-touch book) ibookstore  
Managing Weeds - AgGuide ibook storeGoogle Play store
Marketing agricultural products and services - AgGuide ibookstore GooglePlay
More Profit from Crop Nutrition Roadshows 2016 ibook store 
Native plant or weed? ibookstore  
Native plant or weed? volume 2 ibookstore  
Nature conservation on farms ibookstoreGoogle Play
Organic farming: an introduction ibookstore Google Play store
Organic farming: crops, fruits and vegetables ibookstore Google Play store
Organic farming: livestock ibookstore Google Play store
Pastures in a farming system - AgGuide iBooks StoreGooglePlay store
Pasture "weeds" of Coastal NSW (multi-touch) NEW!buy ebook from apple 
Pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders in cucurbits ibookstore googleplay
Pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders in greenhouse vegetables ibookstore googleplay
Pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders in lettuce ibookstore googleplay
Pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders in ornamentals ibookstore googleplay
Photography for field work ibookstore
Pig AgSkills ibookstore googleplay
Pig Production: the basics - AgGuideBuy from ibooksbuy on google play
Plan for trees: revised 2nd edition ibookstore Google Play
Pole saw operation and maintenance - AgGuide ibookstore GooglePlay
Pollination using honey bees - AgGuide (multi-touch) NEW!Buy ebook from iBook store 
Pollination using honey bees - AgGuide NEW! GooglePlay
Poultry AgSkills Buy from ibooksGoogle Play store
Principles of ecology ibookstore googleplay
Property planning AgGuide ibookstore googleplay
Put yourself in the picture ibookstore  
Quad bikes ibookstore googleplay
Queen bee breeding - AgGuide  Google Play store
Queen bee breeding - Multi-touch book ibooks store 
Restoring natural areas in Australia ibookstore google play store
Sheep AgSkills ibookstore GooglePlay store
Side by side: a practical guide NEW!ibook store Google Play
Soil Carbon in the Monaro Region iBooks storeGoogle Play
Striking the Balance iBooks StoreGooglePlay
Successful silage ibookstore  
The sheep business ibookstore  
SMARTtrain legislation supplement iBooks storeGoogle Play
Tocal code of land use practice iBooks storeGoogle Play
Tocal's practical advantage ibookstore GooglePlay
Tractor AgSkills ibookstore googleplay
Using Compost in Agriculture - AgGuidebuy from ibooks storeGoogle play store
Vegetation survey and assessment ibookstore googleplay
Who was CB Alexander? ibookstore  
Working with people in agriculture - AgGuideibookstoreGooglePlay