Tocal presents a range of opportunities for teachers and students to engage with food and fibre production both on-site and through resources targeting the outcomes of the NSW syllabuses.

School visits to the Tocal farms and heritage precinct, including Tocal Homestead, are available for all classes. The NSW Department of Primary Industries Schools Program – part of Tocal College – provides a range of teaching resources and opportunities to learn about the work of the Department of Primary Industries in ensuring sustainable food and fibre production for NSW.

Tocal Virtual Farm

The Tocal Virtual Farm can be used by Kindergarten to Stage 6 students to investigate food and fibre production.

Virtual Photo


Teaching Resources

The NSW DPI teaching resources are mapped to NSW syllabus outcomes and can be used by both primary and secondary teachers in food and fibre education across multiple subjects and KLAs.

NSW DPI Teaching resources


Career Advisors

Farm images

Farm images - for your assignment or just to see what the farms are like.