Well managed land helps preserve and maintain wildlife and their habitat in the natural ecosystem, parks and reserves and prevents the spread of weeds, pests and diseases. Effective land management plays a vital role in protecting and conserving land by minimising impacts across the broader landscape and involves working with and preservation of indigenous culture and heritage resources.

Tocal College trainers are passionate about helping people at all levels to grow in their skills and knowledge in land management to help protect and conserve land.

Image: Heaton State Forest, photographed by Kate Wood-Pahuru

Getting started

If you are wanting to pursue a career in land management, start with our Certificate III in Conservation and ecosystem management and register your interest here.

If you have been working in the land management sector and want to formalise your experience and knowledge take a look at our Diploma of Conservation and ecosystem management online program here.

Image: Heaton State Forest, photographed by Kate Wood-Pahuru

AHC31421 Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management (Indigenous Land Management)

This CEM program was launched to establish meaningful land management training and career pathways for new entrant, green team members and rangers working within LLS and LALCs to upskill and build capacity for organisations and Community.

Students learning cool burn training with fire and burnt grass and smoke

AHC51120 Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Units: Depends on qualification

Aboriginal rural training program

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