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Recognition of the more important plant species is fundamental to the management of livestock enterprises and conservation of natural resources in western New South Wales. A major reference work, Plants of Western New South Wales by G.M. Cunningham, W.E. Mulham, P.L. Milthorpe and J.H. Leigh, was published in 1981. That book has proved to be of enduring value to pastoralists and many others with an interest in the management of semi-arid and arid rangelands.

The first edition of The Glove Box Guide to Plants of the NSW Rangelands, published in 1998, was produced in response to a need expressed by both landholders and agency staff for a plant identification booklet that included the common and important species, was easy to use, and portable enough to fit in the ‘glove box’ or on the bike. It aimed to present the information most commonly requested by pastoralists about rangeland plants, much of it derived from Plants of Western New South Wales, and 127 of the more common and important species for pastoral management were included.

The ‘Glove Box Guide’ proved popular with both pastoralists and the general public, so much so that it has been reprinted to supply the continuing demand. The text is largely unchanged from the original. We hope that it will continue to be a source of useful information for those who manage or take pleasure in the rangelands of western NSW.



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Title          Plants of the NSW Rangelands       
Pages          102         
ISBN          0734716966         
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