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The 43rd Annual Tocal Beekeepers' Field Day was held on Saturday 15 October 2022 online from 9am to 12pm. Hear presentations from experts in beekeeping, and in a live Q&A session. The focus this year is the impact of the current Varroa outbreak and emergency response. You can view the videos of the talks via the links below.

Where to watch it:
Saturday 15 October 2022 online from 9am to 12pm

Topics and speakers:
Varroa emergency responseDr Chris Anderson, NSW DPI Biosecurity & Food Safety
AHBIC overviewDanny LeFeuvre, AHBIC CEO
Plan Bee updateElizabeth Frost, NSW DPI Technical Specialist Honey Bees
Hive reimbursement applicationsKarina Morris, Rural Assistance Authority
Honey bee neurobiology and Varroa destructorDr Andrew Barron, Macquarie University
Managing honey bee nutritionDr Madlen Kratz, NSW DPI Honey Bee Industry Development Officer
Pollen uptake in honey bee coloniesEmily Noordyke, NSW DPI Technical Officer Plan Bee
Experience in Varroa emergency response surveillanceKelly Lees, NSW DPI Education Officer Honey Bees
Question and answer session 

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