A free event for beekeepers!

We are planning to hold the 45th Tocal Beekeepers' Field Day at Tocal College. This is a free event for beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, with exhibitors and suppliers, presenters, industry updates, and honey to buy. The date for 2024 is Saturday 19 October, so put it in your diaries! It will be great to be back at Tocal.

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Previous events

The 44th Annual Tocal Beekeepers' Field Day was held on Saturday 21 October 2023. Hear presentations from experts in beekeeping.

2023 Program

Where to watch it: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa30fiiRFuoEk3FndG847rIlulJeVZyXk&si=qFD7IyBkl-q_mhwA


Mark Page
(NSW DPI Training Coordinator Honey Bees)

Intro to field day, Welcome to country, industry support, changing time in beekeeping

Kelly Lees
(NSW DPI Education Officer Honey Bees)

Varroa explained, lifecycle with honey bees,
growing education

Dr. Madlen Kratz
(NSW DPI Honey Bee Industry Development Officer)

Nutrition of honey bees and Varroa mites

Emily Noordyke
(NSW DPI Technical Officer Plan Bee)

The ins and outs of monitoring for Varroa

Elizabeth Frost
(NSW DPI Technical Specialist Honey Bees)

Varroa management options for NSW beekeepers

Rod Bourke
(NSW DPI Bee Biosecurity Officer)

Varroa, viruses & biosecurity risks. Ferals, unmanaged, & surveillance hives

Dr. Cooper Schouten
(Southern Cross University Lecturer, Leader of Bees for Sustainable Livelihoods Research Group)

Papua New Guinea, Fiji Varroa experiences & effects on pollination

Mark Page
(NSW DPI Training Coordinator Honey Bees)

Native beekeeping, Varroa, and response impacts

Anna Noon
(ReLeaf Lake Mac spokeswoman)

‘Tiny Forests’: creating urban wildlife oases

Sam Giggins
(NSW DPI Bee Biosecurity Officer Surveillance)

Exotic, endemic pests & diseases

Dr. Chris Anderson
(NSW DPI Biosecurity and Food Safety)

NSW Zones, permits for bee movements, reporting & timeframes

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council update


NSW Apiarists’ Association update – Executive Councillor Ray Hull


Amateur Beekeepers Australia update


Live Question & Answer session. Speakers will answer questions received through: beekeeping@dpi.nsw.gov.au


For updates, follow us on Facebook at www.fb.me/TocalBees

Email: tocal.bees@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Logos of bee field day supporting organisations

Watch the program from 2022 at the links below:
Varroa emergency responseDr Chris Anderson, NSW DPI Biosecurity & Food Safety
AHBIC overviewDanny LeFeuvre, AHBIC CEO
Plan Bee updateElizabeth Frost, NSW DPI Technical Specialist Honey Bees
Hive reimbursement applicationsKarina Morris, Rural Assistance Authority
Honey bee neurobiology and Varroa destructorDr Andrew Barron, Macquarie University
Managing honey bee nutritionDr Madlen Kratz, NSW DPI Honey Bee Industry Development Officer
Pollen uptake in honey bee coloniesEmily Noordyke, NSW DPI Technical Officer Plan Bee
Experience in Varroa emergency response surveillanceKelly Lees, NSW DPI Education Officer Honey Bees
Question and answer session