About this course

For experienced bee breeders and researchers, this two-day course will help raise your skill level both in collecting semen and artificially inseminating queen bees.

The course aims to develop knowledge and skills in:
  • practicing good hygiene and technique with artificial insemination equipment
  • collecting honey bee semen
  • artificially inseminating queen bees
  • basic bee breeding programs (closed population).

At a glance:

Location: Paterson campus
Course duration: 2 days
Start date: 21-22 February 2024
Number of units: 1
Indicative fees: $1,240 GST-free
Accredited Course: Yes


  • Practice good hygiene and technique with artificial insemination equipment
  • Collect honey bee semen
  • Artificially inseminate queen bees
  • Understand basic bee breeding

$$1,240 GST-free, which includes all learning resources.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Breeding program theory
  • Insemination video: Part 1
  • Workspace hygiene and mixing saline solution
  • Artificial insemination instrument setup
  • Drone eversion and hygiene requirements
  • Honey bee semen collection and troubleshooting
  • Queen insemination
  • Workplace cleanup and storage

Day 2

  • Workplace setup
  • Insemination video: Part 2
  • Honey bee semen collection
  • Queen insemination, marking, caging
  • Semen collection and insemination troubleshooting
  • Post-insemination queen care
  • Nucleus colony management
  • Insemination instrument cleanup and storage

There are no entry requirements, however, there are some essential recommendations to set you up to learn the most from this advanced knowledge course.

It is highly recommended beekeepers have the following before attending this course:

  • confidence with queen and drone production processes before considering AI
  • comfortable handling bees without gloves
  • two seasons of queen breeding experience and
  • manage at least 200 hives or belong to a collective of beekeepers with total 200+ hives so as not to risk inbreeding through use of AI in too small a population and
  • have an updated glasses prescription, if worn.

Please include your queen rearing experience and current hive numbers in the enquiry form.

This course has been mapped to the national unit of competency AHCBEK402 Perform queen bee artificial insemination.

Additional Information

For information on students rights and responsibilities, and the Tocal College Code of Practice see Industry qualification student policies.

21-22 Feburary 2024

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