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Alpaca Agskills is our go-to complete introduction to keeping alpaca, and covers everything from catching and halter training to providing care at birthing. This second edition has been updated to reflect changes in best practice.

We also sell Farming Alpacas, an AgGuide which takes you further into running an enterprise, genetics and breeding, meat production and fleece processing.

This spiral bound book contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and full colour pictures.

First published in 2011, second edition 2023, Alpaca Agskills is 94 full-colour A4 pages and is now spiral bound.

    Breeds of alpaca

    General safety precautions

    Animal welfare


    Plant poisoning

    Catching and holding an alpaca

    Halter training an alpaca

    Ear tagging an alpaca

    Toenail trimming an alpaca

    Teeth trimming an alpaca

    Fighting teeth

    Shearing: manage the shed


    During shearing

    Handling the fleece

    Skirting the fleece

    Packaging the clip

    Collect fleece for testing

    Check for worms in alpaca: collect faecal sample

    Sample the individual animal

    Sample the mob

    Administer medication or oral drench

    Paralysis ticks

    Giving injections to alpaca

    Subcutaneous injections

    Intramuscular injections

    Using a vaccinating gun

    Eyecare: grass seed removal

    Successful alpaca matings

    Pregnancy diagnosis

    Provide care at birthing

    Caring for cria: newborn to six months

    Care of the newborn cria

    Cria care in the first six months

    Weaning cria

    Body condition scoring

    Transporting alpaca


    Managing work health and safety risks

    Check your skill

Title Alpaca Agskills
Pages 94  
ISBN 978-1-76058-706-2  
Catalogue number B740  
Year published 2023  
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries  
Price $35.00AUD (inc GST)

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