Preparing for drought: what the farmers say 
was written with the next drought in mind. The best time to prepare for drought is when circumstances are not so challenging. Too often, good ideas are lost once rain falls and business as usual resumes, and so this publication was written to capture those good ideas for future use. The words of advice from these farmers are invaluable and indicate plans to follow.

How the case studies were collected

During 2019, in the midst of the worse and most widespread drought in living memory in New South Wales, the author travelled throughout the State into every climate zone to interview farmers in a variety of industries. More than thirty farmers were interviewed and their individual experiences and successes are documented. Farmers selected were recognised for their positive attitude and commitment to planning to manage such a disaster.

Preparing for drought: what the farmers say

Planning for drought is a complex and difficult business. Too often, good ideas are forgotten once rain falls and business as usual resumes. This publication aims to capture strategies for future use. Part A is a summary of the trends observed during the compilation of the case studies. Part B is a series of case studies, farmers sharing individual experiences and advice to others in similar circumstances.

Book cover on drought landscape