Tocal College provides a range of resources to help farmers prepare, manage and recover from drought.

We have a catalogue of publications and eLearning courses about farm business, agriculture and natural resource management. Our recent publication Preparing for Drought – what the farmers say is one of these resources and features 40 case studies from farmers across NSW with videos to go with the case studies featured in the book.

Take a look at our free, short eLearning courses designed to introduce key concepts in topic areas such as Understanding weather and climate. We also have a number of pay per unit accredited online courses including a new course on farm energy efficiency.

We are also offering a range of face-to-face short courses on running the farming enterprise that will help in drought recovery and preparedness. These cover practical training in farm safety, WHS, managing staff and time management. There are also a number of short courses about production such as farm mapping and data collection, advanced chemical application, plus a range of practical skills training.

For those interested in formal training at the management level, we offer the Diploma of Agriculture, which includes a number of subjects that are very relevant to drought recovery such as whole farm planning, developing climate risk management strategies and developing a farm business plan.

Tocal College is committed to developing and delivering targeted training that provides farmers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We have categorised our training resources and programs into the following key themes:

  • Property planning
  • Pasture management
  • Farm business management.

Property Planning

Farmer in sacrifice paddock with sheep

Pasture management

Farmers with pasture grass

Farm business management

Farmer at computer