The dairy at Tocal is the only dairy owned and run by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. It is a commercial dairy, covering 260 hectares and supplying over 1.5 million litres of milk to consumers each year.

For detailed information on the dairy’s pasture systems, herd management, milking technologies and more, see the Dairy - farm details part of the Virtual Farm.

The dairy is also used for education, research and demonstration. Tocal students are actively involved in dairy work and aspects of its management. It is a venue for farmer workshops and field days both in the training centre and in the

Precision Dairy Farming and its place in the NSW and Australian dairy industry is a focus for the NSW Department of Primary Industry as it pursues its vision of building a thriving sustainable agriculture for tomorrow’s communities. NSW DPI’s role is to facilitate and connect science and research through developing and delivering this dairy industry led innovation into knowledge that meets industry needs. DPI is currently running a number of Automatic Milking System projects in collaboration with a number of industry, commercial and higher education partners.

DPI GATE is a collaborative research and technology facility designed to cultivate and develop ag-tech ideas. The GATE is a NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) initiative to fast‑track the development of ag‑tech to increase productivity.

Schools can tour the dairy, including viewing the milking parlour from a safe observation platform. The NSW DPI Schools Program has created a range of excellent workbooks and teacher guides available from the Virtual Farm site.

Visiting the dairy

Would you like to bring a group on a tour of the dairy? Contact us to arrange it! (email Sandy)

Virtual Farm

The NSW DPI Schools Program at Tocal has created a series of story maps using the ESRI online platform to showcase Tocal farms. The maps include geospatial data maps of physical attributes, images, multimedia resources and narrative about management practices with some historical context.

There is a collection of maps aimed at K-6 learners, as well as some more detailed maps for in-depth study of soil, water, land capability and more.

map of dairy

360° farm experience at the dairy!

Head to our YouTube Channel, to view our 360° videos on your phone or VR headset and get among the cows, pastures, and milking parlour.

See the dairy from the sky, the ground, and behind the udder!

Manager Matt Brett will tell you all about the farm including the recent upgrades to the irrigation and the milking technology.

dairy 360