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A range of products, often referred to as alternative fertilisers, are marketed with numerous claims relating to soil health and improved plant growth. However, there is often an absence of evidence about the veracity of the claims and the effectiveness of these products. Producers and consumers alike are left to rely on the advertised promises which come with little proof.

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A brief history of humus

  • The Humic period (before 1840)
  • The Mineralist period (1840 - 1940)
  • The Ecological period (1940 - 2000)

Humic substances

  • What are humic substances?
  • Terminology
  • Humus and soil organic matter
  • Characteristics of humic substances
  • Formation and structure of humic substances

Humic products

  • What are humic products?
  • Survey of Australian companies selling humic products

The claims of humic products

  • Research into humic products
  • Plant growth and yield
  • Claims of physical properties
  • Claims of chemical properties
  • Claims of biological properties

This e-publication is written primarily for agronomists, soil scientists, consultants and other farm advisors. However, the readable style, explanations and diagrams make it accessible for others with a more rudimentary understanding of the soil and plant services.

Title          Humic products       
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Year published          2015         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
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