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A comprehensive guide to the basics of growing greenhouse cucumbers, this manual aims to assist Australian greenhouse growers in the development of good agricultural practices. This manual contains science based information in a simple to use format that is relevant to a basic greenhouse horticultural enterprise to controlled environment horticulture.

  • About this manual
  • List of tables
  • Introduction to greenhouse cucumber production
  • Growing cucumbers
  • Optimising production
  • Greenhouse design and technology
  • Hydroponic systems and technology
  • Feeding the crop
  • Plant nutrition
  • Cucumber disorders and their management
  • Cucumber diseases and their management
  • Cucumber pests and their management
  • Pesticides, sprays and their use in cucumbers
  • Marketing and handling of cucumbers
  • Waste management
  • Health and safety in the greenhouse
  • Some resources and further reading

Title          Commercial Greenhouse Cucumber Production       
Pages          437 e-pub format         
ISBN          9781742561400         
Catalogue number                   
Year published          2010         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          AUD (inc GST)

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