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Managing water in plant nurseries is the preeminent technical manual for irrigation, drainage and water recycling in Australia nursery production, and a benchmark text internationally. This 3rd edition is testimony to the ongoing value the industry places in achieving world-leading best practice in container irrigation, water management, recycling and reuse.


Chapter 1: Water supply

Chapter 2: Water quality and testing

Chapter 3: Disinfestation: water and irrigation as a source of disease

Chapter 4: Pumps and other irrigation equipment

Chapter 5: Nursery filtration system

Chapter 6: Top-watering irrigation systems

Chapter 7: Bottom-watering irrigation systems

Chapter 8: Misting and fogging systems

Chapter 9: Growing media and irrigation management

Chapter 10: System design, operation and maintenance

Chapter 11: Fertigation in nurseries

Chapter 12: Drainage systems

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Title Managing Water in Plant Nurseries
Pages 249  
ISBN 9781760584566  
Catalogue number B989  
Year published2021        
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries  
Price $45.00AUD (inc GST)

Editor: Michelle Smith, Tocal College, NSW Department of Primary Industries

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