This profile is a good example of the Kurosol soils found on the midslopes on Tocal. For an example of the interaction between topography and parent material on soil formation take a look at profiles from the top of the hill (Profile 13 from View paddock), the midslopes (this profile) and at the footslopes (Site 5 from Phillips paddock).

At the top of the hill we find shallow and stony red soils from basalt; on the midslopes we find this profile showing a loamy topsoil overlying grey clay subsoil from shale. On the footslopes in Phillips paddock (profile 5) we find black cracking clay which could be from basalt colluvium.


Profile description

  • 0cm: A1 horizon. Dark yellowish brown loam with fine sand. Soft fluffy surface with high organic matter. Abundant roots. Good drainage. pH 5.1
  • 3cm: A2 horizon. Same colour and texture as A1. Abrupt change in structure. Earthworm activity - note channels at 18cm. Plant roots are common. Drainage only fair.
  • 25cm: B horizon. Gradual change from a dark yellowish brown to a more yellow brown medium clay. Drainage fair to poor. Slight porosity in the top 10cm. Good root penetration along cracks. pH 5.4
  • 78cm: C horizon. Yellow-brown medium clay with sand. Drainage poor. Plant roots present. pH 4.3.

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