This profile from View paddock is a good example of a Tenosol. The Australian Soils Classification system describes Tenosols as soils with weak pedologic organisation (weakly developed).

Features of these soils are:

  • shallow and stony soils on steep slopes (note that this profile is 45cm deep while many of the others are 85 - 90 cm deep)
  • poor water-holding capacity because of the shallow soil depth.
  • low fertility.

Found on a steep slope, these shallow soils are best left under protective native vegetation.


Profile description

  • 0cm: A horizon. Dark brown loam. Slight gravel content, plant roots common, good drainage, hard surface soil, large piece of charcoal at 6cm, pH 5.5
  • 13cm: B1 horizon. Brown sandy clay loam. Heavy gravel content, plant roots common, good drainage, pH 6.2
  • 32cm: B2 horizon. Yellowish brown light medium clay. Heavy gravel content, massive structure, plant roots are few, fair drainage, pH 6.1
  • 45cm: C horizon. Rock

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