This soil is described as a Kurosol. Kurosols are a podsolic soil which means they are duplex soils with a sandy bleached A2 horizon and an illuvial clay B horizon which is acid (an illuvial horizon has had colloids, soluble salts, and mineral particles leached down from an overlying horizon).

These soils are formed of sedimentary parent material which accounts for the poorly structured and hardsetting surface.


Profile description

  • 0cm: A1 horizon.Grey-brown loam. Trace of gravel. Hard surface soil. Weak structure. Plant roots are common. Drainage is good. pH 4.9
  • 9cm: A2 horizon.Light grey-brown fine sandy clay loam. Slight to moderate gravel content. Massive structure. Horizon is prone to seasonal waterlogging. pH 4.8
  • 21cm: B horizon.Dark grey-brown medium clay. Slight gravel content. Gravel content increases with depth, below 45cm. Tough dense clay but has good root penetration. Plant roots are common. Drainage is fair. A centipede was found at 50cm. pH 4.3.

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