About this course

This course was developed by GRDC Communities in conjunction with Dr. Nigel Wilhelm from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI). It is based on research conducted by Nigel on three important micronutrients that agronomists and farmers working in south eastern Australia should be aware of.

This short course aims to develop your understanding of:

  • accurately diagnosing micronutrient deficiencies
  • options available for treating deficiencies
  • when to use certain treatments.

At a glance:

Course duration: Self-paced
Start date: Enrol anytime
Number of units: Non-accredited
Indicative fees: NIL
Accredited Course: No


There are four components to this course: Watch, Explore, Revise, and Think. There will be a short quiz at the end to test your understanding.

This course is available free of charge through the Tocal College Canvas learning platform. Click the Enrol now button to access the course.

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