About this course

Weather and climate play a significant role in determining agricultural potential and productivity. They influence not only how much water is available for plant growth, livestock consumption, and other on-farm activities but also the levels of wind, heat, and sunlight experienced, which also have a significant influence on production.

This course aims to develop your understanding of:

  • what weather and climate are, and how they are measured
  • factors that influence weather and climate generation
  • available data about weather and climate
  • the influence weather and climate have on agriculture.

At a glance:

Course duration: Self-paced
Start date: Enrol anytime
Number of units: Non-accredited
Indicative fees: NIL
Accredited Course: No


This short course consists of the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. What are weather and climate?
  3. Global circulation patterns
  4. Where does the wind come from and what comes with it?
  5. What makes rain?
  6. General patterns of weather and climate
  7. Weather forecasts
  8. Summary

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