About this course

Planning is fundamental to successful farm businesses. This course introduces the importance of developing a farm business plan and explores the various components of an effective plan. Throughout the course, you will reflect on your own business and begin to think about how to plan for your business's future.

This course aims to develop your understanding of:

  • Why business planning is important
  • What a business plan consists of and how big it should be
  • Who should be involved in the development of your business plan.

At a glance:

Course duration: Self-paced
Start date: Enrol anytime
Number of units: Non-accredited
Indicative fees: NIL
Accredited Course: No


This course consists of the following topics:

  1. Why is business planning important?
  2. Why prepare a business plan?
  3. What's in a business plan?
  4. How does the plan fit in with management?
  5. How big should your business plan be?
  6. Who should be involved in developing the plan?

There is a short quiz at the end to test your understanding.

This course is available free of charge. Click the 'Start' button to launch the course.

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