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Your creeks and streams are a vital resource for you and downstream users. Learn how to manage them to prevent erosion, reduce salinity and improve water quality.

  • What makes a waterway? Terms and definitions, Is there a problem? Identify, describe, map, What waterways to look at, What to look for.
  • What do waterways do? Waterways supply water, Waterways are used for irrigation, Waterways are used for recreation, Waterways help control water flow.
  • The importance of plants in waterways: Plants help keep banks and streams stable, Controlling weeds.
  • The role of buffers and filters on waterways: Protecting waterways, Nutrient and pesticide contamination, Pathogens and bacteria, Salinity, Turbidity, Buffer strips - how wide? Buffer zones have other uses.
  • Waterways are important for wildlife: Plants provide habitat, Improving your waterways as habitat and wildlife corridors.
  • Protecting your waterway: Keeping waterways stable, Earthworks and structures on streams, Protect your waterway with fencing, Protect your waterway by controlling erosion in your paddocks, Good farm management will protect your waterways.
  • Assessing the health of waterways: Water quality, Measuring turbidity, Taking in the whole farm picture, Putting it together, Rivercare - beyond the farm boundary.
  • Case Study - 'Goodwill'

Title          Managing waterways on farms       
Pages          87         
Catalogue number          B292         
Year published          2005         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $31.00AUD (inc GST)

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