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An understanding of current irrigation systems, what is involved and how they work is essential if you plan to install or upgrade a system. Just as important is that you can save money by increasing productivity and efficiency of your irrigation system if you can improve the performance of the pump. This publication covers selecting the irrigation system that is best for your enterprise. It will also help you to select, operate and maintain your pumping equipment.

Part 1: Systems

  • Introduction to systems
  • System safety
  • Environmental impacts of irrigation
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water
  • Other factors to consider

Part 2: Pumps

  • Introduction to pumps
  • Pump safety
  • What do you want your pump to do?
  • Common types of pump for irrigation systems
  • Can a pump do what you need?
  • Prime mover and drive units
  • Pump maintenance

Title          Irrigation: system and pump selection AgGuide       
Author(s)         Jennifer Laffan          
Pages          125         
ISBN          9781742567112         
Catalogue number          B950         
Year published          2014         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $25.00AUD (inc GST)

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