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This book deals with people and how they manage the complex world of agriculture: the finances; the global trends; the markets; human relationships; the social and political challenges. Technology can only take us so far in grappling with all this. How partnerships can be developed between people is a focus for this book.

A comprehensive resource for those looking to lift their skills and understanding of the complexities of working with people. Examines successful farm businesses and provided ways to attract, retain and develop staff.

  • Principles to work by
  • Building sound and productive working relationships
  • Attractng and engaging people
  • Analyse your business from a people perspective
  • Negotiating working arrangements
  • Creating and implementing policies and procedures
  • Building business succession plans
  • Developing a plan for the people on the farm - putting it all together

Title          AgGuide - Working with people in agriculture       
Pages          72         
ISBN          978 1 74256 241 4         
Catalogue number          B742         
Year published          2011         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $25.00AUD (inc GST)

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