13 February, 2024

Teaching agriculture in kindergarten is easy with Tocal’s picture book series.

The idea of teaching agriculture to young children may have you scratching your head but Tocal is here to help. With the release of two new books, the set of six Tocal Farm stories introduces students to Australian agriculture while the accompanying activities address Science and Technology and Geography outcomes.

The Tocal farms picture books and student activities are engaging and accessible stories set in the beef, egg, dairy, honey, sheep and stock horse breeding enterprises on Tocal. The accompanying activities present opportunities to reinforce the learning embedded in the books including the features of and meeting the needs of living things, as well as social skills woven through each story.

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Each book is based on a character from the farms, Bosley the steer, Charlotte the chicken, Freda the dairy cow, Jack and Dunedoo are dogs who guard the sheep, Sunny and Ruby are foals in the Australian Stock Horse herd and Beatrice the bee. Each of the stories share information about the farm operations and wrapped up in the stories are some vary relatable challenges. Whether it be difficulty learning, working as a team, different appearances, jealousy or understanding responsibility, your students will connect with our endearing characters.

The books and free classroom activities are available from Tocal College: www.tocal.nsw.edu.au/publications or contact Victoria Gow on 1800 025 520

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Jo Hathway  
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Jo Hathway


Jess Green and Nicky Parker


Bosley and Bruce 978-1-76058-288-3

Charlotte 978-1-76058-314-9

Freda 978-1-76058-380-4

Jack and Dunedoo 978-1-76058-433-7

Sunny and Ruby 978-1-76058-760-4

Beatrice 978-1-76058-762-8


A4 landscape


$10 each or $50 for set of 6

Release date

2018 - 2024

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4 book covers