On Tocal we have grouped Tenosols like this one in Bowkers paddock with erosional Rudosols. These gravelly soils are found in the steeper country (another Tenosol is found in View paddock - soil profile 13)

Features of these soils include:

  • shallow and stony soils on steep slopes
  • poor fertility
  • water-holding capacity limited by the shallow soil depth

These soils are not suitable for intensive use or cropping. They are best managed by retaining the existing native vegetation allowing intermittent grazing and protection of native wildlife.


Profile description

  • 0cm: A1 horizon. Dark greyish brown clay loam. Surface soil porous and friable, sets when hard. No gravel in top 10cm. Gravel increases slightly at bottom of horizon. Roots abundant, Drainage good. pH 4.7.
  • 20cm: A2 horizon. Very light greyish brown light clay. 70-80% angular shale gravel. Diameters up to 20mm at the top of this horizon. Increases with depth to 95%. Pockets of dark clay. Diameter of gravel increases to 100mm. Plant roots common to 50cm. Drainage moderate. pH 5.1.

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