Chromosols are found throughout Tocal in all the paddocks that contain Kurosols. We find that they are similar to Kurosols and Sodosols in that they:

  • are problem soils
  • are found on rolling slopes and crests and on old high terraces
  • have parent material of weathered sedimentary rocks - sandstone/conglomerate
  • support native vegetation of spotted gum forest
  • can show dramatic increase in productivity with high inputs.

Chromosols differ from Kurosols and Sodosols in that they are not strongly acid down the profile and are not sodic.


Profile description

  • 0cm: A1 horizon. Brown silty loam. Hard setting, lacks structure, plant roots present pH 5.5
  • 20cm: A2 horizon. Brown silty loam with gravel. Plant roots present, pH 5.5
  • 30cm: B horizon. Bright reddish brown silty clay loam. Limited structure, plant roots present, pH 6.0
  • 60cm: B horizon. Light yellow red silty clay. Well structured, well drained, plant roots present, pH 6.5
  • 70cm: C horizon. Light yellow silty clay.