EA Hunt Hall

Named after Edward Alan Hunt, the inspiration for the design of the hall was from Blacket Barn at the Homestead. The huge bolsters supporting the roof are made from Ironbark, dressed with a broadaxe, then morticed together and finally dressed with an adze. Each bolster weighs one tonne and it is estimated that each roof truss weighs four tonnes.

The hall is almost 30 metres long and 18.2 metres wide which makes it a perfect venue for large functions and ceremonies.  It is perfect for Graduation ceremonies, large group presentations, exhibitions and seminars.

There are 30 oblong tables and 400 chairs available to use. Theatre style the hall will seat up to 700 people comfortably.

There is a PA system available for use during your function at no extra charge and there is a large pull down screen and data projector connections available if required. (These are not permanently fitted in the hall but are available by prior arrangement)

A fully equipped kitchen is located immediately behind the hall, which is also available for hire.


Tocal College kitchen provides healthy, delicious, convenient and affordable food for the many visitor groups and functions at the College. We cater for special requests and dietary requirements, and we can provide refreshments directly to your event, or serve meals in our Dining Hall.

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