BBM Youth Support is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to create opportunities, experiences and empowerment for young talent for the benefit of all of Australia. They are greatly admired and respected by Tocal for the significant support they have provided to full time students through the College’s regular, annual Scholarship Program. They have assisted hundreds of Tocal graduates to achieve their qualification and to embark on successful careers. We thank them for their generosity while working with Tocal on our shared goals.

In addition to the above, BBM offer Global Industry Scholarships to eligible young people, Australia wide.

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity for young Australians in agriculture, trades and performing arts. Successful applicants receive an AUD8,000 grant to pursue their scholarship goals overseas, which may include work experience, industry networking and training. Scholarships are awarded once a year.

Tocal graduates that have a passion in Agribusiness, Agronomy or Stock Management and meet the eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply for an Agriculture Scholarship.

Past awardees include Tim Eyes (2010 and also current BBM Youth Support Board Director), Amy Copeland (2013), Isabelle Nolan (2014), Christopher Hvass (2015), Kate Blair-Hickman (2017), Alice O’Rourke (2017),  Sean McIntosh (2018), Clare Webb (2018) and Tiarne Mallaby (2019).

Read their profiles to see how their international learnings have helped inspire, develop and produce great personal outcomes and how they intend to use them to pay back to Australian agriculture and society.