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"I believe there are plenty of opportunities for young people in agriculture. There’s an exciting future ahead of us. I have found it to be beyond exciting, a constant learning curve and no two days are ever the same. It can be testing and hard work but extremely rewarding. I would like to thank Tocal for being a major contributor to my successes so far."

—Maddy Coleman, Tocal ex-student who was an audience contributor to the SBS broadcast “Next Gen Farmers” which aired 25/09/2018.

Tocal College prepares graduates for a wide variety of agricultural and horse industry positions. The following careers are available either immediately or with further study.

Animal health inspector

Animal health inspectors enforce the law and educate the public on prevention of cruelty to animals.

Animal nutritionist

Animal nutritionists research and advise on raw material product selection, maintenance of feeding programs and modification of diets.

Animal technician

Animal technicians help veterinary, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and general scientists and students to care for and check on animals used for research, breeding and scientific purposes.


Auctioneers conduct sales of real estate, goods and livestock by taking offers from buyers and accepting the highest purchase price. Registration or licensing is required

Dairy herd manager

Dairy herd managers oversee pasture production, grazing management, breeding and all aspects of the farm operation.

Farm management consultant

Consultants collect and analyse data on factors affecting production. They advise farmers and farm managers on techniques for improving the production of crops and livestock and alternative agricultural options.

Farm manager

Graduates who aspire to become farm managers usually complete a Certificate IV and/or Diploma of Agriculture. Farm managers need managerial skills to organise and operate a business, plan and manage various enterprises, keep records and supervise staff.


Farmhands/stationhands are employed by farmers and graziers to grow crops, manage livestock and carry out the wide range of tasks required to operate a commercial farm.

Feedlot manager

Feedlot managers manage and maintain productivity of intensive production facilities. They are responsible for operational decision making, stock and commodity management and storage, and the marketing of finished stock.


Fencers erect and repair fences and gates. They may be responsible for the design, costing, purchasing and installation of both conventional and electric fence constructions.

Field officer

Field officers provide a support function in rural businesses that may include sample collection, sample analysis, information recording and looking after the practical tasks involved in field operations.


Good horsebreakers are in strong demand. They are involved in training horses to ride, work cattle and compete in a range of competitions including camp drafting, stockhorse events, equestrian competitions and thoroughbred racing.

Horse massage therapist

Horse massage therapists help to ease muscle fatigue and spasms that reduce the risk of the horse pulling or tearing muscles. This facilitates horse movement and flexibility by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation in joints and muscles.


Agricultural journalists research and compile rural news stories, write and edit news reports, commentaries and feature stories for presentation in print and electronic media, and compose written material to advertise goods and services.

Landcare worker

Landcare workers perform a range of tasks to maintain and restore native bushland and farmland.

Livestock buyer

Livestock buyers purchase premium quality livestock at competitive prices appropriate to the client’s requirements.

Meat grading/processing

Meat and poultry process workers slaughter, process, grade and package meat and poultry.

Pest and weed controller

Pest controllers apply pest management techniques to control invertebrate and insect pests inside and outside agricultural and domestic premises, as well as a range of agricultural and environmental weeds.

Property valuer

Property valuers provide advice on land and property financing and valuation matters. They also research and advise on the administration and use of land and property development.

Quality assurance officer

Quality assurance officers ensure that quality company data is collected and analysed, and that businesses comply with all relevant policies and standards.

Regulatory affairs officer

Regulatory affairs officers inspect animals, plants and agricultural produce and facilities to ensure compliance with government and industry standards with respect to quality, health and licensing.

Rural contractor

Many graduates set up their own rural contracting business. This can involve planting, weed control, harvesting, hay & silage making, fencing, mustering and a range of other farm operations.

Rural finance counsellor

Financial counsellors may work for government or non-profit agencies that are dedicated to helping people reduce debt and manage difficult financial situations. Others work first and foremost with the customers of a financial firm and try to sell debt-relief services to the client.

Sales representative

Agricultural/Technical sales representatives represent companies in selling a range of industrial, medical and pharmaceutical goods and services to industrial, business, professional and other establishments.


Stablehands assist with the husbandry and handling of horses. It may include the supervision of horses and horse facilities, exercising of horses and maintaining and cleaning stables. It may also include mustering and droving livestock.

Station worker

Station Workers report on the condition of crops and livestock; operate farm machines to grow field crops; maintain and repair buildings, machinery and equipment; provide livestock with feed and water, and assist with maintaining the health and welfare of livestock.

Stock & station agent

Stock and station agents provide advice and act for farmers and graziers in business deals including buying and selling livestock, wool, fertiliser, farming and grazing land, stock and equipment.

Technical officer

Agricultural technicians (also called Agricultural technical officers) perform tests and experiments, and provide technical support to assist Agricultural Scientists in areas such as research, production, servicing and marketing.

Vet nurse

Vet nurses provide health care for hospitalised animals, give medication or injections, help vets during examinations and operations and carry out laboratory tests. Some Tocal graduates complete a Vet Nursing course through TAFE when they finish at Tocal.

Vocational education teacher

Vocational education trainers plan, design and develop course curriculum and methods of instruction. They liaise with individuals, industry and education sectors to ensure the provision of relevant programs and services.


Woolclassers classify fleeces, according to length and quality, straight after shearing and prepare the clip for sale. Many wool classers travel around Australia from shed to shed; others class their employer’s woolclip or do it as a sideline to make extra money during the shearing season.