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This book is the first attempt to describe, classify and map the vegetation communities on Tocal. In conducting a thorough survey of the property, the authors have discovered and described features of the property that are little known by anyone not working daily with the Tocal landscape.

The soils on Tocal determine the agricultural value of the land, and this is reflected in the clearing and grazing practices over the past 180 years. So we have areas of rich and intense production adjacent to pockets of neglect where weeds form impenetrable barriers to all but the most adventurous. We find niches of bewildering variety in rainforested gullies surrounded by rampant regrowth on land that was once cleared for grazing.

The first step in resource management is to find out what is there. We now have that tool for Tocal's vegetation communities. The challenge is to treat our vegetation in a clever, considered way, retaining our best land for production and balancing the ecology so its richness and diversity is preserved. This book is a snapshot in time of a precious living and dynamic resource.

  • Introduction
  • The Tocal landscape in 2007
  • Vegetation communities
  • The mapping units explained
  • Vegetation and soils: the links
  • Vegetation and aspect: the links
  • Plantings and regeneration
  • Problem areas and plants
  • Significant sites
  • Management recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix 1: Botanical and common names
  • Appendix 2: Site and vegetation descriptions
  • Appendix 3: Common plants on Tocal
  • References

Title          The Vegetation of Tocal       
Pages          104         
Catalogue number          B591         
Year published          2007         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $25.00AUD (inc GST)

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