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It is the people of Tocal who have worked on the land and in its buildings that have contributed to history and given the property and the College a sense of place.

Here is a record of those people, some of whom gave their whole working lives to the place; while for some it became a mere stepping stone to their life's journey. But all touched - were in turn touched by - the land, its buildings and its characters as the story of Tocal was built person by person.

  • Preface
  • Tocal timeline
  • Brief history of Tocal
  • Alphabetical index to the College era, 1965-2010
  • The College era:
    CB Alexander Presbyterian Agricultural College Council 1965-1969
    Presbyterian Agricultural College Advisory Committee
    Ministers for Agriculture
    Ministers for Primary Industries
    CB Alexander Foundation
    Institute of Rural Studies 1973
    Board of Studies for Certificate Agricultural Colleges
    CB Alexander Agricultural College Advisory Council
    Tocal College Advisory Council
    Head Office staff
    Regional Management 1981-2010
    Regional Advisory/Regulatory Officers from 2001
    Student Representative Council
    Tocal Association Council
    Tocal Old Boys Association
    Tocal Ex-students Association Inc
    Friends of Tocal Inc
    Central Management
    Lecturing and Library
    Continuing Education, CBA Campus
    Continuing Education, MRSC
    Farms and Maintenance
    Domestic Administration
    Tocal Homestead
    Tocal casual trainers
  • Tocal Directory 1822-1964
  • References and further reading

Title          The people of Tocal 1822-2010       
Author(s)         Joan Everingham and Brian Walsh          
Pages          117         
ISBN         978 0 7313 0629 9         
Catalogue number          B925         
Year published          2010        
Publisher          Tocal College         
Price          $12.00AUD (inc GST)

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