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A guide to pasture species in NSW. Includes descriptions and colour photos of useful temperature and tropical legume and grass species. Learn how to select, establish and manage pastures for grazing and forage.

  • Chapter 1: Pasture Types suitable for NSW
    Why sow pasture?
    Temperate or tropical?
    Responding to climate change and climate variability
    A history of introductions
    Describing new cultivars
  • Chapter 2: Legumes for soil, pasture and crop improvement
    Strains of rhizobium
    Inoculating legume seed
  • Chapter 3: Fertilisers for pastures
    Phosphorus: a key nutrient
    Other esstential plant nutrients
  • Chapter 4: Pasture establishment
    Seed treatment
  • Chapter 5: Pasture management
    Pasture quantity and quality
  • Chapter 6: Grazing management
    The principles of grazing management
    Stocking rates
    Altering the diet
    Keeping the sward vigorous
    Maintaining desirable species
    Grazing systems
    Picking a good diet
    Continuous feed supply
  • Chapter 7: Selecting species, cultivars and mixtures for pastures
    Describing grasses
    Grass plant parts
    Cultivar development
    Pasture recommendations
    Animal health and disorders
  • Chapter 8: Pasture grasses
  • Chapter 9: Pasture legumes
  • Chapter 10: Fodder and forage crops
    Pasture hay and silage
    Fodder and forage crops
    Crops for winter feed
    Crops for summer feed
    Browse shrubs
  • Chaper 11: Seed quality
    Genetic integrity
    Seed purity
    Germination testing
  • Species list
    Alphabetical by common name
    Alphabetical by botanical name
  • References and further reading
    Web sites
  • Species index

Title          AgGuide - A guide to pasture species in NSW       
Author(s)         David Brouwer          
Pages          144         
ISBN          ISBN 978-0 7313 0627-5         
Catalogue number          B735         
Year published          2010         
Publisher          Tocal College         
Price          $36.00AUD (inc GST)

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