16 November, 2023

Telehandlers on Farms, the latest practical machinery guide book from Tocal College

As a farmer, could you do with some extra help? Perhaps an easier way to lift heavy loads such as hay and silage bales and to reach into high places? Telehandlers can be used for these tasks and others such as loading feed for storage or moving it to troughs for livestock. You can also use telehandlers to lift other materials such as fencing equipment and transport them to where they are needed on the property.

We realise you may have seen these useful machines in action but if you are new to using one, a new book Telehandlers on Farms is for you. Published by Tocal College for the NSW Department of Primary Industries, this publication has over a hundred images and easy-to-read information to guide you through the safe use of attachments such as forks, buckets, grapples and crane jibs. It also includes sections on maintenance and legal requirements.

Publication details: 


Jennifer Laffan




72 pages spiral bound



Release date

November 2023

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This publication is available to order from Tocal College: www.tocal.nsw.edu.au/publications or contact Victoria Gow on 1800 025 520

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Cover of new telehandler book