13 January, 2022

Tocal College is committed to the health and safety of its staff and students. Training is delivered in accordance with Public Health Orders, NSW Department of Primary Industry policies and the Tocal College COVID Safety Plan and associated procedures.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) has COVID-19 safety plans in place across its sites and workforce. These are implemented at Tocal College campuses, workplaces and through our industry training programs. They exist alongside, and inform, the Tocal College COVID Safety Plan.

These plans apply physical distancing, ventilation, hygiene and cleaning practices. Students are provided with pre-course information that outlines the COVID-19 requirements and declarations to confirm they meet attendance criteria. Students who do not meet attendance criteria are excluded from training along with students who are unwell.

Vaccination requirements

Vaccination requirements are in place in accordance with NSW DPI policy and its WHS responsibilities. The requirements are:

  • Staff and trainers are fully vaccinated
  • Students enrolled in the full-time residential programs are fully vaccinated
  • Students attending training at a NSW DPI facility are fully vaccinated. This includes CB Alexander and Yanco Campuses
  • It is expected that those attending training are fully vaccinated (noting in some cases medical exemption may apply). Please be advised that some commercial venues used for training may ask for proof of vaccination.
  • Medical exemptions are possible and include a medical contraindication certificate or a medical clearance form. Medically exempted and unvaccinated students will be required to observe additional Covid-19 precautions while at Tocal or when undertaking other Tocal prescribed activities.