2023 ASH Sale

The NSW DPI: Tocal College Approved Australian Stock Horse Sale will be held online on the 5th and 6th November 2023.

The catalogue is now available to download.

Tocal College sale horses can be inspected on Saturday 4th November from 11am. Inspections are by appointment only.

For inspection bookings please call Luke Collard: 0428 134 891

Go to www.auctionsplus.com.au to register at least 48 hours before the sale. It is recommended that all prospective buyers are registered to bid by 12pm Thursday the 1st of November 2023. This will allow for any queries or support needed in regards to the registration process to be addressed before the auction opens.

Bidding will open from 10am on Sunday, 5th November 2023 to 6.00pm on Monday, 6th November 2023. At that point a timer will turn on and bidding activity will control the end of the auction. Once the timer reaches zero, the sale will close.

Each Tocal College horse has a reserve price of $4,000 plus GST.

The Auction is being conducted by Bowe & Lidbury. For any bidding support or enquiries please contact

  • Greg Lidbury on 0419 498 561
  • Bowe & Lidbury office (02) 49 327066
  • or Auctions Plus on (02) 9262 4222

Follow us at www.facebook.com/TocalCollegeApprovedASH for regular updates on the Stock Horse program of Tocal College and upcoming sales.


Prospective buyers have the opportunity to contact staff prior to sale to discuss the characteristics that sale horses have exhibited under the supervision of instructors. We do encourage prospective buyers to be honest about their level of horse experience and to enquire about horses they may be interested in purchasing prior to sale. It is then the responsibility of prospective buyers to make the final decision on what horse they feel suits their needs and level of horse experience. Due to the age of sale horses and sale horses not having exposure away from the Tocal College premises, successful buyers will require the experience to progress their foundation training program to suit their chosen discipline, leisure or work pursuits. You can contact Luke Collard on 0428 134 891 for all sale horse enquiries.

Video playlist for 2023 sale

Video playlist: click here.

About the Tocal College Stock Horse Foundation Training Program

Below is an outline of the foundation training program that the Tocal College horses undertake before being sold through our annual Australian Stock Horse Sale. This outline is to inform potential buyers of what each horse undertakes during their foundation training program at Tocal College Students under the supervision of staff.

Tocal College broodmares selection criteria and breeding program

The College broodmares are bred to either the resident college sires, these being Peelvale Maestro and Boree Below Zero or selected outside stallions. 22 out of the 23 mares currently in the broodmare band were all bred, broken in and trained by students on Tocal College premises. Their selection was based on temperament, trainability conformation and proven bloodlines.

Our vision is to produce quality and versatile Australian Stock Horses for our students to handle, ride, train and care for as they study their qualification at Tocal as they pursue their passion to work within the equine and agricultural industries.

Weaner handling program

Each Tocal College foal undertakes the Weaner Handling Program by students under the supervision of staff. Each student is allocated a foal to undertake groundwork and handling procedures with. By the end of the 2 week program foals have been taught to be caught, led, tied up, lunge, have all four legs handled. They undertake a range of desensitisation and groundwork exercises to establish respect, trust and confidence whilst being handled. These foals become the horses that students enrolled in the following year break in.

Breaking in program

The breaking in program occurs during Terms 3 and 4. Tocal College horses are broken in under close supervision and instruction by staff as 2 year olds by students who have met the breaking in eligibility criteria.

Tocal College breakers undertake an extensive groundwork program with students to develop the horses confidence and accustom them to what  they will be performing under saddle. This includes body control,  softness in the headstall, mouthing, long reining, desensitisation exercises and negotiating obstacles.

Once students begin riding breakers under saddle they begin working on the fundamentals of steering, stopping, backing up, travel, collection, turn arounds and responding to leg, rein and seat aids in preparation for the annual stock horse challenge.

The Stock Horse Challenge requires students to execute a simple dry work pattern incorporating trot and canter circles, simple changes, basic rollback, stop and back up. A utility section also forms part of the challenge including walking over a bridge and tarp, loading onto a float, jumping, opening and shutting a gate, have a stock whip cracked off them and carry an oilskin.

The annual Stock Horse Challenge is an important component of our breaking in process resulting in these horses being well prepared for the following year’s students to continue their education.

Students may also teach their breaker to lay down, bow, stand on a drum and perform liberty exercises which they perform in the free style section of the challenge.

Training program

The following year these breakers are classified as “trainers” and throughout Terms 1 to 2 these horses under the instruction of staff are used to train the students to learn how to undertake the foundation training techniques placed on Tocal College horses. Students work with their horses to develop skills in body control, riding basic dry work patterns, starting a horse on the mechanical cow and tow cow and participate in mustering cattle.

Over a 10 week period in Terms 3 and 4 students apply the knowledge and skills gained in Terms 1 and 2 to continue to enhance the training of the sale horses in preparation for the annual horse sale.

By the date of the annual sale our vision is for sale horses to be equipped with a foundation that buyers can continue on to perform within their chosen equine disciplines or to be enjoyed as a leisure or work horse.

Due to WHS requirements students always ride in a group of 4 or more and remain within viewing distance of instructors when riding on the Tocal College property. The majority of the training of horses is undertaken in the arena with limited open space riding.

Horses in the sale are shod for the first time during sale preparation and are rugged in the months leading up to the sale. Sale horses have had one short transport trip in a gooseneck trailer prior to sale with other horses therefore we recommend on collection another horse is transported with any sale horse purchased.

At the time of sale, Tocal College sale horses are up-to-date with Tetanus and Strangles vaccinations, Hendra vaccinations and drenching.

Tocal is proud of the contribution our students have made to each sale horse’s individual program up until the day of sale including welcoming them as new born foals, weaning, breaking, training and caring for them on a daily basis and we thank them for their contribution to sale horses on offer.

Prospective buyers are invited and encouraged to inspect and discuss individual characteristics of horses of interest prior to the sale.