Tocal College is following the NSW government and health authority guidelines in delivering its training and has introduced a series of measures to ensure the wellbeing of our students and trainers while enabling the essential work of delivering training to continue.

New measures introduced for training delivered through the adult education program are outlined below.

Prior to course delivery
  • All students are required to declare prior to attending training that, according to NSW Government COVID-19 rules, they are permitted to attend and will follow COVID-19 practices while participating in training.
  • Venues will be assessed prior to proceeding with training to confirm they meet the NSW Government 4 square metres of space per person rule.
  • All Machinery, equipment and PPE is cleaned thoroughly prior to use.
During course delivery
  • Trainers will confirm at the commencement of training that all present meet the criteria for attendance. Anyone who does not meet the criteria will be asked to return home and isolate themselves in accordance with Health NSW guidelines
  • Anyone presenting with flu like symptoms on arrival at training will be asked to withdraw immediately
  • Face masks must be worn at training events
  • Good hygiene will be practiced throughout the training and hand sanitiser will be provided
  • Throughout training, students will be required to stand and sit at least 1.5 metres apart in line with social distancing recommendations. Students are not to shake hands or make other physical contact with each other.
  • Use good hygiene for food handling.
  • Machinery and equipment will be wiped down during the breaks.

These measures follow the guidelines of NSW Government and are being put in place to manage the risk to students and trainers.