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Beatrice is a bee on Tocal, she is part of a team that includes bees and people. When all the members of a team work together, and do their part, amazing things can happen! This new book joins our children's book series sharing information about Australian food production on Tocal. In Beatrice children will learn about working as a team as well as about how a bee colony operates and the role of the beekeeper in making sure they have everything they need to produce beautiful fresh honey.

About this series

Beatrice is one of a series of stories aimed at developing agricultural understanding in young students, as well as an appreciation of the work involved in producing food and fibre on Australian farms. The other titles in this growing series are Bosley and Bruce, Charlotte, FredaJack and Dunedoo and Sunny and Ruby.

Check out the activities designed to go along with these stories, created by the NSW Department of Primary Industries Schools program! They will help you get the most benefit out of the stories. Find them at These books and related educational activities were shortlisted in the 2020 Educational Publishing Awards Australia.

Title          Beatrice       
Authors          Jo Hathway and Nicky Parker         
Pages          20         
ISBN          978-1-76058-762-8         
Catalogue number          B998         
Year published          2024         
Publisher          NSW Department of Primary Industries         
Price          $10.00AUD (inc GST)