Tocal is a 2200 hectare farm located in the lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia. The property contains a range of natural ecosystems, from rainforest remnants and wetlands to dry sclerophyll forests. The main farm enterprises are beef cattle, dairying, horse breeding, and free-range egg production, with a small demonstration of sheep flock and some cropping.

Tocal Property map 2021

The current management at Tocal aims to maintain a strong reputation by adopting best practice property management for livestock, ecological benefits, people, animals and the environment.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and the CB Alexander Foundation manage the farms under the same environmental and market conditions as other local farmers. All management decisions for Tocal enterprises consider effects on the whole farm.

Land management is a dynamic, continuing process. Priorities change, and we all learn from experience and new research. The code of landuse practice, property plan and this document are dynamic documents that are informed and updated as changes are made. Management decisions always work towards sustainable land use in a conscious and deliberate way.

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