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    There are three courses on offer:

    • Advanced Spray Application Training: Farm workers, farm managers and supervisors, agronomists, growers, spray contractors
    • Managing Spray Application – Level 4: Farm managers, agronomists, growers, spray contractors.
    • Managing Spray Application for Agronomists – Level 4: Agronomists

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At a glance:

Location: Statewide
Course duration: See course structure
Start date: Multiple intakes
Number of units: See accreditation
Indicative fees: $1,105 GST-free (Nil to eligible applicants)

About these courses

These courses were designed specifically for our industry and are full of relevant knowledge and information. They have been developed in close association with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Stop Off-Target Spraying (SOS) committee’s consisting of growers, agronomists, key agribusinesses and suppliers. The content is delivered in practical, understandable terms with appropriate demonstrations and are for farm workers, farm supervisors, farm managers, agronomists, growers, spray contractor’s agricultural machinery technicians, spray unit sales personnel and parts technicians.


Advanced Spray Application Training – Level 3, Managing Spray Application for Agronomists – Level 4 & Managing Spray Application – Level 4


  • Identification and management of inversions
  • Prediction of weather using available technologies
  • Identification of suitable spray application conditions
  • Recording of information according to legislative requirements

Spray Drift Management Plans

  • Definition of drift – droplet, particle, volatile fraction
  • Investigation of nozzle selection options
  • Identification and management of issues re spray quality:
  • Legal requirements
  • Influence of tank mix
  • Matching water rate to extra coarse and ultra-coarse nozzles
  • Examination of surfactant selection and effect on nozzle performance
  • Development of two spray plans – winter and summer
  • Case study – drift in the USA and the implications for Australian applicators

Chemical Use

  • Determine legal requirements for use of chemicals (Advanced Spray course only)
  • Match 2,4-D rules to advice (Level IV & Agronomist Level IV courses only)
  • Discussion of label changes and the Global Harmonisation System (GHS)
  • Utilisation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as a tool for hazard and risk management
  • Discussion of water quality issues affecting chemical survival

Calibration and fine tuning of spray application equipment – workplace visit

  • Customisation of Spray Drift Management Plans to individual workplace requirements – machinery type, operation speed, nozzle spacing (spray planning)
  • Calibration and testing of spray application equipment
  • Calibration and adjusting of fence line jets to avoid under dosing

Storage and transport of chemicals (Advanced Spray course only)

  • Identification of issues concerning transportation of dangerous goods in broad acre farming
  • Development of knowledge re optimal storage and record keeping for ag/vet chemicals

Implement chemical application plan (Agronomist course only)

  • Development of best practice chemical spray recommendations
  • Completion of post course spray plan for a client
  • Update procedures to reflect required changes according to industry best practice

Implement chemical application plan (Level IV course only)

  • Completion of post course spray plan for a client
  • Update procedures to reflect required changes according to industry best practice

$1,105 GST-free

Pre-approved applicants for the cotton and grains industries will be funded through the NSW AgSkilled training program.

Advanced Spray Application Training – Level 3

  • One day workshop
  • One workplace/on-farm session

Managing Spray Application for Agronomists – Level 4 & Managing Spray Application – Level 4

  • Two day workshop
  • Post course work-based tasks

  • Blended delivery of workshop and site visits
  • Learning resources are provided

These courses are aligned to the following national units of competency:

Advanced Spray Application Training - Level 3

  • AHCCHM307 - Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • AHCCHM304 - Transport and store chemicals
  • AHCMOM315 - Operate chemical application machinery and equipment
  • AHCWRK302 - Monitor weather conditions

Managing Spray Application for Agronomists – Level 4 & Managing Spray Application – Level 4

  • AHCCHM404 - Develop procedures to minimise risks in the use of chemicals
  • AHCCHM405 - Plan and implement a chemical use program

Additional Information

For information on students rights and responsibilities, and the Tocal College Code of Practice see Industry qualification student policies.

NOTE: Because AgSkilled finishes on 30th June 2020, we must submit all our funding applications by the end of May. If we are unable to hold these workshops scheduled below due to COVID-19 restrictions, in order to secure your fee free training, you will need to complete a small portion of online reading and complete a quiz so that we may show you have commenced. We can then look forward to scheduling your face to face workshops with Craig.

Advanced Spray Application Training - Level 3



Workplace visit

West Wyalong



Wee Waa




26 May 2020 (tentative)


23 June 2020

27-29 May 2020 (tentative)


24-26 June


2 June 20203-5 June 2020

Ariah Park

9 June 2020

10-12 June 2020

Ariah Park

16 June 2020

17-20 June 2020