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Tocal College has partnered with Animal Health Australia (AHA) since 2005, and Plant Health Australia (PHA) from 2015, to deliver nationally accredited training for biosecurity emergency response personnel. This highly successful partnership is being concluded in June 2023 and Tocal is no longer able to take new enrolments.

At a glance:

Location: Online or Blended Delivery
Course duration: Approx. 39 days over 12 months
Number of units: 11
Indicative fees: Nil (jurisdiction funded)
Accredited Course: Yes

The PUA40419 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Leadership) has five (5) Core Units of competency and six (6) elective units.

Course structure

To successfully gain this qualification, you will:

  1. Complete two (2) foundation courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia
  2. Complete four (4) online modules
  3. Attend one (1) core face-to-face workshop
  4. Complete six (6) elective units and attend the relevant face-to-face workshops.

The diagram below gives an overview of the course structure.

Cert IV flowchart


Complete the two (2) Foundation Courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia. These provide an informative introduction to the operation of plant pest and animal disease biosecurity emergency responses.

    The four (4) core online modules include:

    • WHSBER Work Health and Safety Induction in a Biosecurity Emergency Response (approx. 2-2.5 hours)
    • RISKBER Identifying and treating risks in a biosecurity emergency response (approx. 4-5 hours)
    • LEADBER Leading a team in a biosecurity emergency response (approx. 4-5 hours)
    • BRIEFBER Conducting briefings and debriefings in a biosecurity emergency response (approx. 4-5 hours).

    Each online module has an assessment task which must be successfully completed before attending the workshop.

    Your chosen electives will also have an online module.

After successful completion of the online modules, you can progress to BELBER Biosecurity Response Leadership face-to-face workshop. This workshop covers requirements for your jurisdiction and practical tasks to support your learning. Your final assessment tasks for the five (5) core units of competency will be undertaken during the workshop. You will also be required to attend face-to-face workshops for your chosen electives (see below).

Note: Please check with your jurisdiction training coordinator to make sure this course is available in your area.

Core units of competency:

To obtain a Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Operations), you must complete the two (2) foundation courses, five (5) core units, and six (6) elective units. Each elective unit includes an online module followed by a face-to-face workshop. The online modules are:

  • PLANBER Managing planning for a Level 2 biosecurity emergency response (approx. 20-25 hours)
  • LOGBER Managing logistics for a Level 2 biosecurity emergency response (approx. 20-25 hours)
  • OP2BER Managing operations for a Level 2 biosecurity emergency response (approx. 20-25 hours)
  • SITEBER Supervising operations on infected premises (2 Units) (approx. 25-30 hours)
  • One more unit – You must complete a final elective unit which can be chosen from the Diploma level, or another approved unit which doesn't duplicate the other units undertaken.

You will be required to attend face-to-face workshops in order to successfully complete the units of competency and be awarded the Certificate.

Elective units of competency:

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