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Tocal College has partnered with Animal Health Australia (AHA) since 2005, and Plant Health Australia (PHA) from 2015, to deliver nationally accredited training for biosecurity emergency response personnel. This highly successful partnership is being concluded in June 2023 and Tocal is no longer able to take new enrolments.

At a glance:

Location: Online or Blended Delivery
Course duration: Approx. 7 days over 3 months
Number of units: 2
Indicative fees: Nil (jurisdiction funded)
Accredited Course: Yes

The Biosecurity Response Public Information Management Skill Set PUASS00093 provides the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage or carry out duties within the public information function during a biosecurity emergency response.

Course structure

There are two (2) units of competency which are also electives for the PUA50219 - Diploma of Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Management).

, so participants can complete further study to obtain the full qualification if offered in their jurisdiction.

To successfully achieve the Biosecurity Response Public Information Management Skill Set, you must:

  1. Complete two (2) foundation courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia
  2. Complete one (1) online module
  3. Attend one (1) face-to-face workshop.

The diagram below gives an overview of the course structure:

Biosecurity response public information management


Complete the two (2) Foundation Courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia. These provide an informative introduction to the operation of plant pest and animal disease biosecurity emergency responses.

    The online module is PIBER Managing public information during a biosecurity emergency response (approx. 20-25 hours estimated).

Following completion of the online module, you will attend a face-to-face workshop where jurisdiction-specific information will be covered and the final assessment for the units PSPGEN083 Manage public affairs and PUACOM004 Manage organisational communication strategies will take placeOur trainer will provide details of the timing and location of this workshop.

Note: Please check with your jurisdiction training coordinator to make sure this course is available in your area.

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