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The Biosecurity Infected Premises Supervisor Skill Set PUASS00061 provides the skills and knowledge required to supervise others in a range of activities required on infected premises, and manage active operational emergency disease or plant pest sites.

At a glance:

Location: Online or Blended Delivery
Course duration: Approx. 8 days over 3 months
Number of units: 2
Indicative fees: Nil (jurisdiction funded)

Course structure

To successfully achieve the Biosecurity Infected Premises Supervision Skill Set, you must:

  1. Complete two (2) foundation courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia
  2. Complete two (2) online modules
  3. Attend one (1) face-to-face workshop.

The diagram below gives an overview of the course structure:

Biosecurity infected premises supervision


Complete the two (2) Foundation Courses from Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia. These provide an informative introduction to the operation of plant pest and animal disease biosecurity emergency responses.

    The two (2) online modules include:

    • SITEBER Supervising operations on infected premises (approx. 25-30 hours)
    • MACHBER Inspection and decontamination of equipment and machinery to prevent the spread of pests and diseases (approx. 3 hours).

There will be a face-to-face workshop where jurisdiction-specific information will be covered, and the final assessment for the units of competency AHCBER401 Plan and supervise control activities on infected premises and AHCBER501 Manage active operational emergency disease or plant pest sites will take place. Your trainer will provide details of the timing and location of this workshop.

Note: Please check with your jurisdiction training coordinator to make sure this course is available in your area.

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