Tocal pool

Tocal College Campus continues to remain closed to the public in adherence to its Covid Safety plan. This extends to public use of all our amenities including the Tocal Community Pool.

The College recognises the positive health and wellbeing benefits provided by our pool and is constantly reviewing the minimum requirements of the State Government COVID Safety Plan for commercial swimming pools to ensure we can meet these given that the pool is not staffed on a continuous basis. We are committed in being able to provide a COVID safe community pool and hope to have the pool accessible to the general public soon.

During the 1970s, it was recognised that many local school children were not swim safe. So, in 1977, work on the Tocal Community Swimming Pool commenced to encourage local schools and community groups to learn to swim. Through the use of CB Alexander Foundation funds, local government grants, and kind support from the local quarry and various local community fundraisers, the pool was completed and officially opened in 1979.

As it is a community swimming pool and not a public pool, it is important that patrons read through the membership terms and understand that these are in place for their safety and benefit, ensuring that the pool remains open and operates within the guidelines of a “Community Swimming Pool”.

Please ensure that you read the Membership Terms and Community Boundary Map prior to the purchase of a season pass ticket. Season passes are typically available after the September school holidays through to the end of Term 1 the following year.